Welcome to the World War Fairy Tales Wiki

A future comic series by the author of ArcIris : Path of Rebirth. Currently under planning stage. Published under the Kagemi studio name.

World War Fairy Tales was originally just a final term project for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White were redesigned and given story twists.

It further developed into a story idea during group discussions, and will be brought to an actual comic series upon the completion of ArcIris.

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The Good Guys
Forest of Everlest: Spring LocksSummer RedhoodAutumn PunzelWinter WhiteHansel WitchunterGretel Witchunter
City of Noel: Sarah KlausJack LloweenAnnie PeauNathan SpouseOzDorothyTotoAlice
Pillars of Earth: Yu DiWhite RabbitFu XiNu Wa
The Bad Guys
Land of Farlane: Queen White
Forest of Everlest: Peter Pumpkin

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