"Ready for combat!"

Summer Redhood

Summer 01

Gender Female
Age 20
Status Alive

Little Red Riding Hood

Summer is a military officer specializing in handling destructive weapons ranging from grenade launchers to highly dangerous laser guns. She is currently serving under Spring's squad.


Lively and happy-go-lucky, she has a strong belief in the term "You only live once", and would often attempt foolish acts of bravery that brings her close to death everytime. She is not a complete airhead, but does act as though she has no value over her life.

She is overly caring towards her comrades, and would go to insane extents of 'kindness' to ensure their happiness.

She also has a major crush on Autumn, and is even brave (or shameless) enough to openly show it in front of others, much to the latter's annoyance.

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